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Professionals with high knowledge in the area of ??appraisal and consulting

"Logan establishes the valuation standard, by consistency in quality and service."

Bryan L. Dragoo, MAI, MRICS


Bryan has worked in the appraisal and consulting of commercial real estate for over 15 years. He has appraised commercial properties throughout the Southwestern United States and Latin America most notably in Colombia, Peru and Mexico. In 2012, he pioneered institutional real estate valuation in Colombia by founding LOGAN, which has become a leading expert in valuation of institutional investment properties in the region. During this time, he has developed longstanding relationships with international investment funds that invest regionally in Latin America.

From 2013 to 2018, as the Managing Partner of LOGAN, he solidified the firm’s position in Colombia and led the expansion into Peru in 2016. In this role, he has focused on developing a full-service valuation practice with a focus on investment properties for institutional clients. Bryan has valued corporate offices, distribution centers, regional shopping centers, master-planned communities, residential projects, medical centers, and large land tracts throughout the region. He has worked with REITS, private investment funds, multinational corporations, and law firms, to deliver transparency to investors and clients. Today, a partner, he has a continued focus of expanding to new markets and developing new client relationships at LOGAN.

"Integrity and confidentiality are the foundation of our reputation."

Robert L. Dragoo, MBA, MAI, MRICS


Robert manages the valuation of real estate portfolios in Colombia, Peru, and Mexico and specializes in retail, land, and hotels.

He has spent his career in the commercial real estate industry and has experience in development, banking, and consulting.

Robert is a member of the Appraisal Institute and graduated from Thunderbird School of Global Management (MBA) in 2012. While at Thunderbird, he attended COPPEAD in Brazil, and focused his studies on private real estate investment in Latin America.

"The quality and consistency of our valuations is provided through the experience and efficiency of our team."

Carlos Neuhaus, REPEV

JUNIOR PARTNER, PERU, Candidate for Admission, Appraisal Institute

Carlos is a Junior Partner of the Logan office in Peru. He holds a degree in Administration from the University of Lima and has more than 9 years of experience in the Peruvian real estate sector, both in Lima and in the provinces of Peru.

He has established strong relationships with important Peruvian real estate companies and investment funds, allowing him to understand the investment activity and perspective locally and internationally.

Carlos has provided consulting services ranging from market research, fundraising, and project management. This has given him unique insight into the development process and real estate financing.

In addition, he has provided valuation services of rural and urban land, corporate offices, shopping centers, and residential projects throughout the country.

Cristina García

"We strive to make the valuation process as smooth as possible for our clients. This requires special attention to our clients’ needs and a determined focus on meeting deadlines."

Cristina García, RAA, RNA

SENIOR VALUATION SPECIALIST Candidate for Admission, Appraisal Institute

Cristina has been working with Logan Valuation since 2013 and has acquired experience and knowledge valuing different property types, always maintaining a high level of ethics and confidentiality.

Previously, she worked for 6 years as a loan officer and real estate broker in the United States, gaining exposure to the real estate business. Currently she retains her RAA certification in Colombia, and has completed a variety of local and international valuation courses on commercial real estate valuation.

As a senior appraiser she completed valuations of large retail shopping centers, office buildings, industrial warehouses and large tracts of land for institutional investors and corporate clients. She is responsible for the coordination of the valuation team and execution of high-volume portfolio valuations. In addition, her functions include gathering property documentation, inspections of properties, processing and reviewing income and expense data, and completing discounted cash flows.

Diego Rodriguez

"Quality market data and consistent application of internationally recognized methodologies provide the foundation for healthy growth in Latin America."

Diego Rodríguez


Diego is the Regional Director of Research and Consulting covering Colombia, Peru and Mexico. He has over 10 years of market research experience, six of them focused on the real estate sector, where he has advised the investment decisions of companies of all types including investment funds, multinationals, developers, private investors, among others.

He has developed studies on the real estate market for the general public whose results have been published in some of the main magazines and newspapers in Colombia. It is his vision to provide the best level of service possible to the client with the aim of helping them make the best real estate decisions. At the same time, he strives to contribute to the growth and maturity of the real estate market in general throughout Latin America.

His experience includes the development of feasibility studies, market studies, location studies, economic analysis and trend analysis focused mainly on commercial, corporate office, industrial, mixed-use projects, along with urban and rural lot subdivisions, among others.

Andres Robayo

"Quality market data and consistent application of internationally recognized methodologies provide the foundation for healthy growth in Latin America."

Andrés Robayo


Andres is a director at LOGAN, a real estate valuation and consulting group focused on institutional clients and investment funds in Latin America. LOGAN covers all asset types including office, industrial, retail, land, and multifamily, with offices in Bogota, Mexico City, and Lima. Andres has worked with institutional clients on a regional basis and is a specialist in valuing complex residential investments and partial interests.